Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lord Monckton, You're My Heroe!

Conclusion of Lord Monckton’s address to the Cambridge Union Society on 8 October 2007:

AL GORE says, “I believe this is a moral issue.” So it is. To “announce disasters” or “scary scenarios” or “over-represent factual presentations” in place of adherence to the scientific truth – that is a moral issue.

To let politicians insert data into official scientific documents; to alter those documents so as to contradict scientific findings; to manipulate decimal points so as to engender false headlines by exaggerating tenfold – those are moral issues.

To exaggerate by 2000% not only the atmospheric lifetime of a trace gas but also the effect of that gas on temperature; to reduce the magnitude of its predicted influence on temperature without reducing the predicted temperature itself – those are moral issues.

To claim scientific unanimity where none exists; to assert that catastrophe is likely when most scientists do not; to exalt theoretical computer models over real-world observations; to misstate the conclusions of scientific papers or the meaning of observed data; to overstate the likely future course of climatic phenomena by several orders of magnitude – those are moral issues.

To reverse the sequence of events in the early climate; to repeat that reversal in a propaganda book intended to infect the minds of children; to persist in false denial that past temperatures exceeded today’s; to state that climate events that have not occurred have occurred; to ascribe these non-events as well as specific extreme-weather events unjustifiably to humankind – those are moral issues.

To propose solutions to the non-problem of climate change that would cost many times more than the problem itself, if there were one; to advocate measures to mitigate fancifully-imagined future climatic changes when adaptation would cost far less and achieve far more; to ignore the real problems of resource depletion, energy security, bad Third World government and fatal diseases that kill millions – those are moral issues.

To advance policies congenial to the narrow, short-term political or financial vested interest of some mere corporation or faction at the expense of the wider, long-term general interest of us all – those are moral issues.

Above all, to inflict upon the nations of the world a policy of ever-grimmer energy starvation calculated not merely to inconvenience the prosperous but to condemn the very poorest to remain imprisoned in poverty forever, and to die in their tens of millions for want of the light and heat and power which we have long been fortunate enough to take for granted – that is a moral issue.

Sir, this House is the House of youth. Here high ideals are shaped and sharpened. Here of all places, it is surely understood that in each of us, however far apart in mere distance or origin or wealth or achievement, there is the image and likeness of our Creator; that by this intimate communion with our Maker each of us, however poor, is of unique and precious value; that therefore there is only one race, the human race; that the suffering children of Africa, of Asia and of south America, imploring us with their hopeless, hopeful eyes, are our people. They cannot look to their own. They look to us. We must get the science right or we shall get the policy wrong. We have failed them and failed them before.

We must not fail them again!

Al Gore, the Ultimate Flat-Earther

In Al Gore's recent appearance on 60 Minutes (also known as The Wasted Hour) he equated global warmng skeptics as akin to flat-earth advocates.

I submit that ultimately Scary Al is the quintessential flat-earther.

The flat-earther's were the holders of the "scientific consensus" of their day. It was those who challenged that common wisdom that were considered the lunatics.

The scientific community and mainstream media have buried their heads in the sand of the current dogma and refuse to even consider alternative evidence offered up by those who don't agree with their views.

They peer-review each other's articles and nod approvingly of anything that supports their preconceived notions, then categorically deny anything that questions their dogma. When they can't argue the science they resort to ad hominem attacks on their critics.

When you can't argue the facts, start hurling insults.

Seems to me the AGW crowd are the true, modern-day flat-earthers.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not-So-Catastrophic Global Warming 2008

An interesting interview took place recently that so far has managed to escape the mainstream media. It appeared in The Australian and covered the interview of Jennifer Marohasy, a biologist and senior fellow of Melbourne-based think tank the Institute of Public Affairs.

In the interview she discussed recent data analyzed from a relatively new (2002) weather satellite launched by NASA called Aqua. What makes this satellite unique is that in addition to collecting temperature data, for the first time we are now collecting data on cloud formation and water vapour.

By way of background, Gore, Inc. and the climatescareologists have predicated all their catastrophic climate meltdown scenarios on positive feedback scenarios. In a nutshell, that means global warming factors feed on themselves, thereby magnifying their effects; a kind of perpetual motion machine that accelerates.

What that means is this: Factors that all the historical data says might cause a .5 degree warming, they magnify into a 3, 5 or 8 degree rise.

This despite the fact that nothing in the existing data has ever demonstrated such a massively compounding effect. The reality is, most of our natural world operates primarily on negative feedback.

The other tidbit of background information you need is that all these scary scenarios are based on computer models that not only include these positive feedback scenarios, but they completely ignore the effects of water vapor and cloud cover in their models! The stated reason is these elements of our climate are too poorly understood, and too complex to accurately model.

[An ADHD Moment: Let me see if I understand this...the atmospheric component that comprises up to 95% of all greenhouse gases is completely ignored by the models, yet they can confidently blame CO2, which comprises approximately .038% of the atmosphere, for all global warming?]

Well, now we have something that's actually tackling this complex aspect of our atmosphere and, guess what? Now only does water vapor not act as a multiplier on global warming, it actually has a negative feedback role suppressing the rising heat.

Looking at the data since 2002, when the satellite was launched, indicated we've been on a temperature plateau for the past six years. Correlating that to data back to 1998, the recent high-water mark for global temperatures, we've actually decreased in temperature.

For anyone living in the northern hemisphere this past winter, we know there's been a significant decline in average temperatures! Just ask the Chinese or the boys in Baghdad. Here in Minnesota we matched low-temp records that dated back to the late 1800s.

Trust me, we were praying for some positive feedback on global warming!

So, once again this huge terrestrial ball upon which we live is proving to have built-in mechanisms and features we are only beginning to understand. Perhaps that's why it has survived as long as it has.

Even mankind, with all our wonders, are not even close to causing its demise.

VP Condoleezza

Rumor has it the Condoleezza Rice has made it known that she'd be open to a Vice President slot on the McCain presidential ticket.

This could be a real win-win.

Not only is she a great woman and, I believe, a decent conservative, but she would help the Republican's out-democrat the Democrats. Being black and a woman, she's the best of Barack and Hillary combined, without any of their negatives!

And, she actually HAS some real-world, senior administration as well as as international relations experience.

Finally, in a plus for conservatives, at McCain's age there's a reasonable chance she could become president.

Go, Condi!

Obama: Anti-Self-Sufficency

Obama made this comment today: "George Bush called this the ownership society, but what he really meant was 'you're-on-your-own' society. John McCain apparently wants to continue this."

So what's his proposed alternative? We're no longer responsible for our own lives, our own destiny? We should always look to the government to bail us out of our mistakes?

Has Obama or his staff have any idea what the cost might be to save every American from every dumb decision they may make?

But this fits perfectly within the Liberal mindset. The government always knows best. When in doubt, leave it to the government.

Of course, there's a cost to that, so give us more of your money so we can look out for you.

Ultimately, I suspect, we'll all work in government owned and run collectives. They'll provide small aparments within which we'll live and we will file through soup lines for our meals. All decisions about our lives will be made by a bureaucrat who has our best interests at heart.

It's Obama's Utopia.

Maybe you're a Republican (or true Conservative)

Maybe you're a Republican?

In today's America ask a growing number of high school and college students, their teachers and professors, the self-anointed media elite and/or hard working men and women of all ethnicities, the question, "What is a Republican?" and you'll be told "... a rich, greedy, egotistical individual, motivated only by money and the desire to accumulate more and more of it, at the expense of the environment, the working poor....and all whom they exploit..."

I am a Republican - And I am none of those things....and I don't know any Republicans who are!

WHAT I AM first and foremost, is a loving husband of some 52 plus years, the father of four and an American who's proud of his country...and his country's heritage.

WHAT I AM is the grandson of immigrants who risked every-thing, including their lives and those of their children, to escape tyranny in search of freedom.

WHAT I AM is a man who grew up during the Depression and witnessed first hand the effects of the Stock Market crash and the soup lines that followed. I watched as both my parents and grand parents, who had very little themselves, share what food they had with a half dozen other families, who had even less.

WHAT I AM is someone who worked his way through college by holding down three and four jobs at a time and then used that education to build a better life.

WHAT I AM is a husband who at age 24 started his own business for the "privilege" of working 60, 70 and 80 hours a week, risking everything I had including my health, in search of a better life for myself and my loved ones.

WHAT I AM is a businessman whose blood, sweat and tears....and plenty of them..., made it possible for me to provide a secure living not only for my family and myself, but also for literally hundreds of my employees throughout the years. Employees who in turn were able to buy their own homes, raise their own families and give back to their communities and their country.

WHAT I AM is a man who believes in God; a God who has blessed this country... and all for which it stands.

WHAT I AM is someone who knows, if you doubt miracles exist in today's world, you need only to look into the face of those who received them....and the eyes of those who give them.

WHAT I AM is an American who's proud that his President embraces a belief in God; proud of a President who understands, as "politically incorrect" as it may be, there is evil in this world and for the security and safety of all freedom loving people everywhere, it must be confronted...and it must be defeated.

WHAT I AM is an American who takes comfort in the knowledge that our President refuses to allow decisions concerning the very safety and security of this nation, to be governed by the political whims of foreign governments.

WHAT I AM is tired of hearing from leading Democrats who see only negativity in America; racism in her people; class warfare in her society and "political incorrectness" in her character.

WHAT I AM is a former democrat who now understands that it is the soldier and not the reporter that guarantees us our freedoms of press, speech and dissent.

WHAT I AM is a man who believes in the sanctity of life. A man who is repulsed by the pandering of the political left for votes, at the expense of the unborn.

WHAT I AM is a husband and father who believes in the sanctity of marriage and the preservation of the family unit.

WHAT I AM is a ex-movie goer who is repulsed by those insecure, socially inept, elementary thinking, ego-inflated "entertainers" who have appointed themselves "experts" in the fields of national security and geo-politics and then use their forum to attack this nation, its leaders and its actions....much to the delight and encouragement of our enemies.

WHAT I AM is an American who understands the difference between "censorship" and "choice." Evidently, these individuals do not, because when these same "celebrities" receive public ridicule for their offensive actions, the first thing they yell is "censorship." What they seem incapable of understanding is...the right of free speech and dissent is shared equally by those well as those who offend. I support and will continue to support those films and performers whom I choose to and refuse to support those I don't. It is my right as an American a right I will continue to enthusiastically exercise.

WHAT I AM is a voter, tired of politicians who every time their voting records are subjected to public scrutiny, try to divert attention from their political and legislative failures by accusing their opponents of "attack ads" and "negative campaigning"....and the news media who allow them to get away with it.

WHAT I AM is a Catholic who loves his God and his Faith....and who's been taught to respect all religions whose teachings are based in love, peace and charity. As such, I am embarrassed and ashamed of those individuals in both private and public life whose decisions and actions are devoid of any sense of character or morals; individuals who are only driven by what's best for them....rather than what's right... often times at the expense of many....including our national security.

WHAT I AM is a realist who understands that the terrorist attack that murdered hundreds of innocent Russian children could have occurred here, in our heartland. That's why I sincerely believe America needs now, more than ever, a President who sees with a clear and focused vision and who speaks with a voice when heard by both friend and foe alike is understood, respected and believed.

WHAT I AM is eternally grateful to Ronald Reagan for having the bravery to speak out against Communism and the courage of his convictions in leading the fight to defeat it; and George W. Bush for the vision, courage, conviction and leadership he has shown in America's war on terrorism amidst both the constant and vicious, personal and political attacks both he and his family are made to endure.

WHAT I AM is a human being, full of numerous faults and failures, but a man nonetheless who though not always successful has continually strived to do "what's right" instead of "what's easy." A man who is challenging the religious leaders of all faiths, to not only preach to their congregations the fundamentals of "what's right" and "what's wrong," but to also then hold them accountable for their actions in both the public and private sectors.

WHAT I AM is disgusted with the Courts who on one hand call the murder of a pregnant woman a "double homicide," but then refer to the abortion of her baby as "pro-choice".

WHAT I AM is someone deeply troubled by a political party which embraces a candidate whose primary "leadership" qualities center around his protesting of the Vietnam war and his labeling the honorable men and women who fought in it, (50,000 of whom gave their lives in that action), as rapists, and war criminals (John Kerry). That same political party then stepped forward this year to block the appearance of a true Vietnam war hero, retired Admiral and former United States Senator, Jeremiah Denton, (a man who spent seven years and seven torturous months in a North Vietnam prison), from speaking before an open session of the California legislature as part of that state's 4th of July celebration. The reason Democrats gave for refusing to allow this American hero to speak before their state legislature was because of the "conservative" nature of his views. As an American, that troubles me well it should you. (Are you listening Mr. D?)

WHAT I AM is a man who feels the need to spend, ONE HUNDRED & FOUR THOUSAND, SIX HUNDRED & FIFTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($104, 655.60, tax paid) of his own money, to purchase this advertisement, in order to set the story straight. Some may say this money would have been better spent feeding the world's poor. At the risk of sounding self-serving, as an American and as a Republican, for the last six decades of my life, I have done exactly that...and more. Following the examples of my parents and grandparents, I have used my earnings to feed the poor, shelter the homeless, provide housing for the elderly and medical care for the sick.....and continue to do so...and I'm not alone in that work.

WHAT I AM is someone who is paying for this announcement at my sole expense in hopes of opening the eyes of those led blindly by ill-informed elements of our great nation, who, through either ignorance, or malicious intent, repeatedly attack and belittle those of us who belong to a political party that holds true to the belief, "The rights of the governed, exceed the power of the government." For those interested, I am speaking only as a tax-paying individual who is in no way associated with the Republican National Committee, nor with any of its directors, or delegates.

WHAT I AM is a man who understands, "the American way of life" is a message of self-empowerment for all.

WHAT I AM is an American who is grateful that our nation gives each of us the opportunity of self-determination and the right to benefit from the fruits of self achievement.

WHAT I AM is an American who wants to preserve that way of life for all who seek it.

WHAT I AM is blessed to be an American.... and proud to be a Republican.

About the author:

Here is someone with the money to fund a rebuttal to what Howard Dean, Democratic National Committee Chairman, said a few years back claiming many Republican have never done an honest day's work in their life. The foregoing was a full page ad placed in the Washington Post by a businessman named George J. Esseff, Sr. He paid $104,655.60 to run the ad and only did it because he is sick and tired of the way "the rich" are portrayed by liberals these days.

My hat is goes off to George. Now, if only John McCain could read and understand this ad.

Why Barack's Relationship to Reverend Wright Matters

Barack Obama is trying to dismiss the Rev. Wright controversey as a simple matter of taking 30 seconds of sound bites out of 30 years of ministry and playing them over and over.

I submit that Sen. Obama is grossly underestimating the significance of those sound bites.

The problem is the incendiary nature of the comments made have shocked many Americans to the core. These are comments that go so far beyond the pale that no one believes they were isolated incidents. No one can contain that vile a belief system and have it NOT contaminate virtually everything they touch.

More importantly it has provided disturbing context for many Americans to evaluate and understand previous statements and conduct by both Barack and Michelle Obama.

When I first heard Michelle Obama's comment about being proud of her country for the first time in her adult life, I was stunned. Here's a woman who is living the American dream, educated in the finest of schools and realizing incomes enjoyed by the tiniest of fractions of the one percentile. Yet, she has never found anything to be proud of within her country?

But now consider the frame of mind that might be engendered by listening to twenty years of Rev. Wright hate-speech: It's no wonder she's always had a negative outlook on America.

Now flashback to the video of the event where Barack, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards were at the same stadium event standing listening to the Star Spangled Banner. Hillary and John have their hands over their hearts, while Barack stands with his hands folded in front of him.

It was a subtle image, but one that left me scratching my head when I first saw it.

But now, in the context of Rev. Wright's anti-America rhetoric, I think I see how someone with such a privileged life could choose to not show the traditional sign of respect for our flag and national anthem.

The pieces of the puzzle begin to fit.

So, no Barack, this isn't about 30-second sound bites. It's about 20 years of being mentored by someone with these thoughts and attitudes and what the ultimate impact that has had on your thoughts and attitudes.

Within that context, we don't like what we see. Words do matter. So do actions.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lost Conservative

I'm over the edge.  Today I listened to the presumed presidential nominee of the Republican party advocate unilateral nuclear diarmament, abdication of our soverignty to yet-to-be-formed global governing bodies and embracing a global hoax that threatens not only our economy but the global economy.

There's seemingly nowhere to turn, no strong figure taking a stand against this long, slow slide toward Marxism/Socialism/Communism.....which is ironic as we sit only two decades removed from the massive failure of the 50-year communist experiment known as the Soviet Union.

So where do I go?  What do I do?  Throw up my hands (or hold them out to be handcuffed and become a slave to "the state"?)  Or add my voice to those hollering out here in the wilderness?

Yeah, sure, we have Rush, Sean, Mark, Jason and a few others taking the conservative case to the airwaves on a daily basis, but how much impact does that ultimately have?  They're pretty much preaching to the choir.

Despite the inherent despair, I've decided to go ahead and post.  Will what I have to say make a difference? Probably not. But if it keeps me from going postal it will have accomplished its purpose.  And if by some small chance even one person stumbles across this blog, finds something mildly interesting enough to pursure further, and as a result becomes enlightened on even one topic, it will have had a positive impact beyond my own catharsis.