Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Truth About the Current Financial Crisis

Here, in their own words, is the truth about who in Congress actually caused the current financial crisis:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Change you can believe in? Hardly.

Obama is trying to convince us that he would affect real change in our financial markets and that McCain would just be "more of the same."

The problem is, we actually have a record here to look back upon and see how each actually acts when they're not on the campaign trail.

I listened to a recording of John McCain in 2005 speaking on the floor of the Senate. He was decrying the lack of oversight of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and introducing a bill to reign in their free-wheeling (and questionable) activities.

So, did Obama cross the proverbial aisle and stand with McCain in calling for reform?

Uh, no.

Instead, he voted with Biden and the rest of his forward-thinking Democrats to maintain the status quo and protect the F&F thieves from any further oversight.

Obama then continued to take money from Freddie and Fannie....over $120,000, an amount second only to fellow Democrat senator Chris Dodd. That's not bad, considering Dodd has been in the Senate six times longer than Obama, yet Big O has pulled in almost as much money!

Hillary had it right in the primaries: "This isn't change you can believe in. This is change you can Xerox!"

Monday, September 15, 2008

Jill Greenberg, A disgrace to her profession

Professional photographer Jill Greenberg has crossed a line I never imagined of a true professional. She has used images captured under contract by a client to portray that subject in a horribly disparaging way.

Not only is this a gross betrayal of the client-photographer trust, it is an egregious betrayal of a photographer-subject trust.

When a person entrusts me with something as personal as their visage, I view that as a sacred trust they've placed in me to show them in the most favorable light. Even if I've been contracted by a third-party for those images, I believe there is a professional obligation to the person portrayed to, at a minimum, not depict them in a negative light.

Yet Greenberg has chosen to take images of John McCain and Photoshop them into some grotesque political statement that is apparently rattling around in her small, feeble brain.

I guess to some this isn't a surprise. She's been known to abuse children in an effort to capture their tearful response as some reflection of her political angst. This is an apparent symptom of Bush Derangement Syndrome as pointed out by Michelle Malkin.

But the fact that it may not surprise does not in any way justify this wanton breach of professional ethics.

Unfortunately, this is all too consistent with the deranged ethics of many on the left. There simply are no taboos, much less professional ethics. It's a sad commentary on the left and the times in which we live.

I hope McCain sues the lenses off her camera. I also hope this gives future clients serious pause before considering hiring Greenberg. It should also give future prospective subjects pause in considering sitting in front of her camera. They may be the next victim of her misguided angst.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Palin comes out swinging

After taking a pummeling by the press, tonight Sarah Palin came out swinging. While I'm sure her remarks will be trashed by the liberal left, I think she's going to connect with a significant segment of middle America.

Face it, presidential elections aren't decided by the radical left or the ultra-conservatives. They are decided by a small segment that sits in the middle, and I think Sarah is going to resonate with many of them.

She's bright, articulate and feisty....all the things the left usually likes, unless that feistiness is directed towards their liberal agenda. She's a small-town girl who's accomplished big things in a state crucial to America's future energy needs.

I think she's a perfect compliment to John McCain and has rallyed the conservative base that heretofore was at risk of sitting out this election. That would have surely handed the election to the Democrats' Community Organizer In Chief.

The fear with which the left views Sarah is evident by their aggressive attacks on her and her family since she was introduced to America at large. Tonight she proved she's an able combatant and isn't going to shy away from the fight. Good for her.

Go, Sarah, go!