Friday, June 6, 2008

Sanity wins....for now. No cap-and-trade this year!

After three days of debate, the Climate Tax Bill has been killed for now. From Sen. Inhofe's press release:
"This bill was doomed from the start," Senator Inhofe said. "When the Majority Leader filled the amendment tree and filed cloture on the Climate Tax Bill, it was obvious that the Democrats were not serious about supporting this bill. This was one of the largest bills ever considered by this Congress and probably the largest non-appropriations bill the Senate has ever considered. This bill deserved a full and honest debate, with amendments offered and voted upon. The American people did not deserve a political exercise geared toward election year politics. Republicans were prepared to debate this bill with over 150 amendments ready to be offered. The Democrats did not want to debate and vote on our amendments that were aimed at protecting American families and workers from the devastating economic impacts of this bill. The 1990 Clean Air Act amendments were considered on the Senate floor for five weeks, and this comprehensive climate bill demands at least equal debate.

I'm sure it will be back in the future, but for now we've dodged this bullet.

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Freadom said...

That's great news.

Hey, I love the premise of your blog "I'm a thinker..." I found your blog through Newt, and I will add you to my blogroll if you don't mind.