Monday, October 4, 2010

One Nation Rally Proves Glenn Beck is Correct

Glenn Beck has told us repeatedly that there are more of us conservatives than there are liberals. They just have a perceived strength due to their dominance of mainstream (lame-stream?) media outlets and Hollywood which magnifies their significance in American life. Well, along comes the One Nation Rally to prove Glenn correct: Some 400 Leftist organizations* come together to sponsor a rally in response to Glenn Beck's 8/28 "Restoring Honor" rally. (Obviously, you must take a stand against honor being restored in America!) With a laundry-list of Unions requiring attendance by their members, and every environmental and communist organization in the country banding together in a show of force, they managed to get MAYBE a quarter of the crowd Glenn drew....and that's probably very generous. The photos speak for themselves.

View them here:

Notice all the green grass NOT being covered by a Leftist in the second photo? So don't be fooled. We still outnumber the militant Leftists by four-to-one AT LEAST! Let's get to the polls and vote out ANYONE that events hints at supporting any portion of their liberal agenda!


*Sadly, along side the Communists and the anti-Jewish groups stood the United Methodist Church. For you few Bible-believing Methodists still left in the UMC, it's time to start looking for a true Christian church to attend. Regrettably, they've left Biblical principles and YOU behind in their push forward into radical liberalism.

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