Tuesday, April 8, 2008

CBS Shakeup No Surprise

CBS' recent firings around the country should come as no surprise. They attribute their decline in revenues to the growing use of the Internet and alternative media. I'm sure that is part of their problem.

But an element they may be overlooking is the drastic decline in true journalism we've witnessed over the last couple of decades. They were at the center of one of those ethics storms when Dan Rather promoted the bogus smear on George W.'s national guard records. CBS news has been in a steady state of decline ever since.

One of the casualties of this recent round of cuts was Minneapolis weatherman Paul Douglas of WCCO. I always thought Paul was a decent enough guy, and he was as accurate as most weathermen -- meaning most forecasts of 24-48 hours were in the ballpark, but anything beyond that was a wild-eyed guess, although they seldom admit it.

My trouble with Paul was his unbridled advocacy for the global warming alarmist position. Just give me the weather, Paul....don't constantly spin it towards your political views.

CBS has a much bigger problem in the Minneapolis market, however. News anchor Don Shelby is the poster child for everything that's wrong in modern journalism. His "reporting" on climate issues is nothing short of pure political propaganda. He will purposely spike stories that even hint at calling into question his dogma of man-made global warming.

I used to watch WCCO quite regularly, but reached a point that his biased reporting on numerous topics was so blatant I couldn't stomach five minutes of it. I switched channels and I haven't been back since. I won't even check them out again as long as DFL Don is on the air.

As Sgt. Friday used to day, "Just the facts, Ma'am."

P.S. Despite all the dire predictions of alarmists, Minnesota continues to participate in the record non-warming weather patterns. A recent storm dumped 32" of snow in northern Minnesota, surpassing the previous April record of 28". It is also the second most snow dumped in a 24 hour period, surpassed only by a storm back in 1933...before the onset of man's brutal assault on our climate, at least according to the alarmist's view.

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