Saturday, April 19, 2008

Expelled, The Movie

I just watched Ben Stein's Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. It's a thought-provoking exposé that I am sure will be resoundingly deplored by the left, the Politically Correct crowd.

It essentially is an in depth look at the complete lack of freedom of thought and speech within the academic and science communities when it comes to Darwinism. Anyone who even questions the accepted dogma is promptly drummed out of their job. Even exploring possible alternative views is considered heresy worthy of denying tenure and/or termination of employment.

He further lays out how Darwinian thought laid the groundwork for Hitler and his Nazi regime. Ben does NOT argue that Darwinian thought equals Nazism, but its hard to see how you could have Nazism without Darwin's theories.

The same principles laid the foundations of eugenics, which thankfully most thinking people have long since abandoned. But its connection to the founder of Planned Parenthood is also drawing fire from the left.

The parallels with the current scientific dogma surrounding anthropogenic global warming (er, "climate change" to stay current with the evolving dogma) are astounding. Scientists who even dare depart from the "consensus" (amazingly, the same word is used consistently throughout Darwinian discussions) is deemed a heretic not worthy of research funding or publication.

The good news is that nature WILL provide us objective proof of the silliness of the CO2-based theories on global warming as we watch CO2 continue to rise as global temperatures fall. Eventually, even the hardcore alarmists will have to admit the error of their ways.

Unfortunately, the Richard Dawkins' of the world will find out whether they're right or wrong when they are well beyond the point of being able to do anything about it.

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Steven Carr said...

What must it have been like to be a Jewish child growing up in a Nazi Germany?

For some reason, the wise words of Paul Copan come to mind ””What then of the children? Death would be a mercy, as they would be ushered into the presence of God and spared the corrupting influences of a morally decadent culture.”