Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Climatology vs. Climatism: A Must Read!

I've just read one of the most insightful articles on the reality of global warming that I've ever run across, entitled "Climatology Versus Climatism" by Vinod K. Dar.

A couple of quotes:

Climatology is a science. Climatism is an ideology. Climatologists are scientists. Climatists are social or political organizers who abuse climatology in the service of ideologues. Climatology was and still is an investigation of nature. Climatism is the exploitation of the fear of nature to gain power, wealth and social esteem.


As the prospects for successfully implementing the program diminish, vast temper tantrums, fantastic accusations and staggering lies will be deployed to intimidate voters and politicians into submission. Screaming often works.

If that doesn't hit the Jim Hansen nail right on the head!! I'd highly recommend this article to all my readers.

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