Sunday, August 17, 2008

The headlines are scary...could the alarmists be right?

"The outlook abroad is more than usually gloomy. Storms, floods and hurricanes seem to be completing the devastation which unseasonable weather began. In the United States and Canada the heat is unusually severe, and numerous deaths are already reported by sunstroke, this early in the season."

"In Europe, this year so far has been unusually disastrous, and there has been large losses of life and property by flood and fire. We have had the most distressing accounts of the floods in Hungary and elsewhere, the eruption of Mount Etna, the ravages of life by plague subsequent to the war, the famine pestilence in India; and now comes the prospect of cholera in Russia."

OMG! Catastrophe is looming! What shall we do??

Oops....wait a minute. I'm sorry. My mistake. Those paragraphs were taken from the North Star and St. John's Newfoundland News....dated July 19th, 1879. Bill Westcott ran across the articles and wrote a good piece covering this and comparing it to the hype of today.

When will people step back, take a collective breath and look at history? If they do they'll quickly realize that Yogi had it right: "This is like Déjà vu all over again!"

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