Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Continues Break with Republicans

Colin Powells recent endorsement of Obama continues his long-time break with the Republican party.

As a career military man, it's hard to understand his alignment with the party committed to dismantling our military, both in material assets and in morale.

He cites Obama as a "transformational figure" as a basis for his endorsement. If by that he means someone who might transform America the Republic into America the Socialist state, I would have to agree. Beyond that Obama is just your traditional Chicago-mob politician brought to a national scale.

As the former Secretary of State, Obama's stated positions on critical foreign policy matters (i.e. no pre-conditions to meeting with Iran, Iran as a "tiny" state that poses no threat to the U.S., etc.) should be enough to recognize any "transformation" will not be for the better.

At one point Powell was looked upon as a potential presidential candidate. That may still be (he's far more qualified for the position than Obama will likely ever be), but at this point it would pretty difficult to win support from any Republican. But I suspect Republican support is the last thing on Powell's mind these days.

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