Saturday, October 18, 2008

McCain's Missed Opportunities

It's so frustrating.

You see a beautiful hanging curvball drifting right toward McCain's bat and he just stands there readjusting his bat as the ump calls another strike.

The most recent missed opportunites were last night on David Letterman.

First, Dave made a quip about his show not being important. That one was ripe for a good swat out of the park. (Letterman's show is NOT that important!) But instead, McCain just smiled and apologized.

Oh, well.

But then he missed the the best opportunity.

Letterman jumped on the leftist rant about Sarah Palin's qualifications and whether if, God forbid, something should happen to McCain would she be ready to step into the Presidency?

McCain launched in the same old, true but boring rhetoric he's used before, describing her history as a reformer who stood up to her own party's governor.

What he SHOULD have done was simply point out that she had more executive experience that he, Obama and Biden have combined. If people think Obama's qualified, Palin should be considered triple-qualified.

What a shame. Time and time again he's offered up these great opportunities to point out the true weaknesses on the other side while highlighting the strengths of his side, and he squanders them.

Is this some misguided attempt to be Mr. Nice Guy?

Someone needs to remind him that Nice Guys often do finish last.

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