Sunday, October 12, 2008

Understanding Community Organizers

So what exactly is a "Community Organizer?" That question has been asked time and time again since Barack Obama arrived on the national political scene using that experience as the basis for his qualificaitons to be President of the United States.

Lately we're learning more about "community organizers" through a community organizer association with ties to Obama. The Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) has been making headlines again recently, enlightening America to what a "community organizer" really does.

It seems the job of a community organizer is to round up homeless people and drug addicts and drag them to the polls to vote for their favorite liberal candidate. ACORN is now being investigated in a dozen states for blatant voter fraud. The number of irregularities is mounting up.

In Nevada, they were registering the entire Dallas Cowboys football team to vote in Nevada....despite none of them actually living, or even being, in Nevada!

Now, that's some very creative community organizing!

Seems to me Barack is bringing good old Chicago-style politics to the national level.

Chicago for years has been notorious for entire graveyards voting a straight Democratic ticket year after year after year.

When I was on the faculty of a Chicago law school back in the late 80's a colleague said that out of random curiousity she did a check of her precinct voting records. She was surprised to find her ex-husband had continued to vote a straight Democratic ticket each of the previous dozen or so years since their divorce, despite the fact he had relocated to another state shortly after their divorce.

You have to appreciate people who truly value the democratic principles upon which our republic was founded. Little things like the sanctity of the vote, etc.

Once again, Obama is showing us he represents "change", but not the kind of change anyone who loves this country actually wants or needs.

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