Saturday, October 18, 2008

Palin on SNL: Lending some Class to the Classless

Twenty years ago, I was a huge Saturday Night Live fan. Back in the day of Belushi and Akroyd, it was hilarious. It exuded creativity and talent.

Watching it tonight for the first time in years, I was struck by how far it has fallen from its former greatness.

The majority of it isn't even funny. Much of it smacks of Jr. High study hall humor.

I mean, entire skit built around calling each other "fart face." Wow. Creative.

That said, I must say Palin came off as extremely polished. She was funny, gracious, pretty and so dang likable.

I'm sure her appearance drew massive crowds of Lefties hoping to see her make a fool of herself. Instead, they saw a very cool, very poised woman who exuded class while still coming off as very down-to-earth.

It's gotta be driving them nuts about now.

Go, Sarah, go!

(P.S. This episode of SNL had the highest ratings in 14 years! Do you think there's some interest in Palin?)

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